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Cruising With A Disability

Twenty years ago this week, the United States passed the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). It is said that approximately 54 million Americans have a disability. The definition given by the ADA is a “person who has a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities.” Thanks to this act, people who meet this definition have gained independence and a better quality of life. One area that has greatly improved for the disabled is travel by cruise.

FAQ’s For First-Time Cruisers

If you are considering booking your first cruise but have some questions or concerns, look no further! Here are the top ten most frequently asked questions about Ocean Cruising that I receive from my clients

Gulf Oil Spill Effect on Cruising

With the massive explosion of the British Petroleum oil rig off the coast of Louisiana many people are worried about the future of the cruises which leave from ports in New Orleans, Mobile, Galveston, and potentially Florida.

Happy Anniversary, Echelon Travels!

This month, Echelon Travels is celebrating one year since it hit the web! It’s been a great year with a lot of changes – a very successful first year!

Safety Tips for International Travel

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Travel is definitely exciting, especially when you are going somewhere out of your regular realm. It is important, however, to be aware and safeguard yourself from possible situations that could potentially ruin your vacation.

Important Documents

You cannot travel anywhere without a passport or visa these days, so safeguarding your travel documents are a priority. Always have a photocopy or two of your passport/visa located somewhere safe in your luggage, not in a carry-on. It is also a good idea to scan your passport and leave it with someone... more

How To Get A First-Class Airline Upgrade

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I don’t know of anyone who likes to sit in a coach-class seat. When you are checking in at the airlines kiosk, you may be asked if you would care to pay extra to upgrade to a first-class seat. I personally have taken advantage of this from time to time, especially on long coast-to-coast flights, but who wants to pay anything extra for their flight?

There are some tips you can try to get that precious upgrade into luxury airline seating. I have compiled some ‘off the record’ ideas for getting into first-class without it costing... more

You have an amazing vacation planned – a beautiful location, your non-refundable airfare flying you to a luxurious resort – all paid for and just waiting for you to arrive. Then, the unthinkable happens. An unexpected crisis that leaves you with no choice but to cancel your holiday and lose all the money you spent toward it.

My #1 travel planning recommendation is, and will always be, to purchase trip protection insurance in the event something like this happens to you.

Travel insurance gives you peace of mind in so many ways.... more

Planning The Perfect Romantic Honeymoon

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When planning your wedding celebration, a lot of hard work will go into making sure that every detail is perfect. This is a stressful time for both of you, so you will want to enjoy a romantic and relaxing honeymoon after the festivities are over.

Here are some tips to consider when honeymoon planning:

What is your Honeymoon Budget?

The best starting point in your planning process is to determine how much money you have to splurge on your dream honeymoon. If your finances are a little tight after all the wedding preparations, I have... more

Beginning June 1, 2009, the United States Department of Homeland Security will put into effect NEW changes that will drastically change the way American citizens travel. The days of simply driving across the borders of Canada and Mexico are now things of the past. Passports are now necessary and have become even more important for any international travel. Below you will find information for traveling securely beyond the United States.

The Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI), started by Homeland Security, requires all citizens of the United... more

Luxury Cruising for Less!

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I have to admit, I am spoiled. I have taken many cruises, and have decided that a balcony cabin on a luxurious ship is the only way to go. There is just something about gliding along the ocean, sitting on your private balcony, staring at the moonlight as it dances on the waves. These accommodations do cost more, but it is worth every penny.

One way I found to fit this into my travel budget, is by avoiding common hidden cruise “extras” that can add up pretty quick! Here are some helpful tips to save money while enjoying a luxury cruise.


Cruises... more

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