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Cable Beach Resort, Nassau, Bahamas

To be very honest, I did not enjoy my week-long stay in this particular area of the Bahamas.

The resort I chose looked much nicer on paper than it did in person. When I arrived, the check-in was a nightmare because they could not find my reservation right away. Needless to say this vacation was not off to a great start, but I was open minded.

Nassau Bahamas

The room was actually very nice, and I got an instant upgrade to an oceanfront room as a result of the check-in hassle. It was clean and spacious and the view was very nice. I settled in and hoped to relax.

I am always a fan of an all-inclusive package and this resort offered one that I chose. There were little scattered bars throughout the property that were nice, however the choice of restaurants was dismal. I love a good breakfast when I’m on vacation but the breakfast place had horrible food. There was also not a very clear communication about where you could and could not eat under the all-inclusive plan which was annoying. For me the food is the best part of traveling and I was seriously disappointed.

Trying to relax on the beach was another story. This resort property was not “private” so there were wandering local people trying to solicit money and business from you the entire time. I didn’t feel like riding a jet ski, didn’t want to have my hair braided (even though I eventually caved and had a few braids put in), and didn’t want to pay for entertainment.

Bahamas Ocean

I was amused by one man who told me he made the best pina colada I would ever drink. He approached me while I was reading on the beach and promptly told me that in the Bahamas, there was ‘no reading, no sleepin, only drinkin.’ I fell for the sales pitch and watched as he happily climbed a palm tree and picked a fresh coconut, put a hole in the top then poured in the pina colada concoction. It was worth the 5 bucks just for the laugh and to watch him.

I did venture over to the adjoining property owned by the same company, that was much nicer. It had nicer restaurants, entertainment, and a casino. I also noticed that it was ‘private’ and provided peace and quiet for those looking to relax. I wish I had stayed there.

All in all I would say that in comparison to other tropical islands, I would have to rate the Bahamas at the bottom and not some place I look forward to visiting again.