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Advantages Of Using A Travel Agent

Posted by JenW On February - 18 - 2010

The Internet is packed with “do it yourself” vacation planning offering deep discounts. While this may be very attractive for most travel lovers, is this always the best way to plan your vacations? In my opinion, the disadvantages heavily outweigh the advantages of using the services of an experienced travel agent.

From a customer service aspect, arranging a vacation using a bulk travel website can be a nightmare. Most of these discount websites require that once you go through the stages of making a reservation you have to pay in full right up front. I do not agree with this for many reasons:

* First, these payments are non-refundable – if you are unable to travel for some unforeseen reason, you lose 100% of your money.

* Second, should you need to contact someone regarding your reservation you will more than likely be run through the mill of trying to find a human being to talk to about your problem or concerns.

* Third, a computer-generated reservation program will not “have your back” and will not provide you with the quality and personalized service that you receive when you utilize the services of a seasoned travel agent.

As an experienced travel agent for many years, I have seen and heard it all. So many of my clients have come to me at one point or another with horror stories and have begged for my help. Unfortunately, once the discount travel websites have your money there is very little I can do to resolve any issues that arise.

When I am involved in the planning of my client’s vacations, I can offer many beneficial extras that you will never see when booking through a discount Internet travel website. For example, if you book a cruise with me and the price of the cruise drops before you sail, I can turn this into valuable shipboard credit or a cabin upgrade. The professional relationships that I have cultivated over the years with cruise line representatives give me a great advantage to giving my clients the best vacation values and extras that cannot be found online.

The bottom line is that travel agents are better informed and are able to make appropriate recommendations based on their expertise and experience. They bring their knowledge of travel to their clients and are in a better position to become a valuable part of travel planning and arranging, ensuring a worry-free vacation. There may be a small cost difference using a travel agent, but from a customer service aspect, this service is definitely worth it.

For more information and assistance on travel planning and the best discount cruise pricing in the industry, feel free to contact me!

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